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I should Show My Work here.  (Show Your Work, a great book, by Austin Kleon).

Well, right now My Work consists of trying to insert bits of creativity into each day, with this image below being one bit.

Yes, I soon will have Creative Projects, like I’ve had before.  I can’t wait.  They will result in Work To Show.

But right now, this new retirement gig has kept me pretty busy.  I’ve been pushing through a bow wave of things that just needed to happen:  Yurt, Michigan, yurt, Texas, yurt, solar eclipse, yurt, Italy, yurt, Michigan again, yurt.

Projects will begin … soon, very soon.  As I said in an earlier post, watch it here, as it happens, when it happens.

Below – just a snapshot in front of my house, on the way back from my morning swim.  Summer’s over, Fall is here.


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