Working on Work for Showing

First, an update to yesterday’s post:

Below is another shot of the quantum tunnel I take from my house to my morning workouts and back. Tunnels, golf courses, country clubs, fountains in ponds, bike paths, salmon streams, swimming pools, nature preserves, 180′ Doug Fir trees that grow everywhere like weeds, owls that attack humans, … All within a short walk. Yes, it’s been a good place to live for the past 28 years.


Work to show:

Also from yesterday, my 2-hour escape with camera. Worth printing, I think, see below for partially processed image. “Could be good.”  If it is good, it will be my first Work To Show since starting this blog.


Two more trips in October, Winthrop then Vancouver.  After them, no more travel for the rest of the fall season.  Time finally for:  Images!  Creative projects!  Printing!  Work to show!

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