Show what?

Showing work should mean showing what I’m doing in the context of my portfolio, not just some pictures here and there.  So, no image today of my foliage photograph from a couple days ago.  Not until it’s done, anyway.

This weekend I re-laid out my website, .  Just the layout, not the content.  Not done yet, but at least I ironed out the non-functioning part of its archaic page structure.  This infrastructure and background work is good.  And necessary.  It feels good, because it’s progress.

So, working on that, and on some images from after returning from Italy.  Like the foliage image.  When it’s done, I’ll print it AND add it to my portfolio AND post it here AND add it to my website which will cause me to tie its loose ends together and get it to a decent state worth showing.  (It wouldn’t be good to show work on a website that’s itself not worth showing.)

Tonight, though, is packing for almost a week the yurt.  There’s lots to do there before winter hits.  The yurt had its first taste of it yesterday, a solid foot of wet snow.  It’s melting now, but it’ll be a slog to get it all supplied and ready for the permanent snow of the winter.

The day after I return, it’s off to Vancouver B.C. with friends.

So, it might be a week or so before I post again.  Out of touch but lovin’ it.

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