6 Months In

I’ve been retired for six months now. Accomplishments? Well, …

It’s time to stop this starting to retire business. Since age 30 I’ve had a great time while working, saving, and balancing daily enjoyment with strategic actions. Lots of compromises had my future “next life” in mind, my retirement. And, it worked, success, I made it! Had a great time getting here, too.

But the life plan that got me here shouldn’t be blindly followed from this point on. Just because that life plan got me to this transition point successfully doesn’t mean it’s the plan to take forward. So many of those compromises aren’t needed anymore. And that big goal is gone, behind me now. I need to re-balance everything. Daily enjoyment, projects, and yes some compromises still. But, everything needs to be put into a new balance now.

There’s still a future, but not one with a major, looming transition like retirement, where I’m not sure what’s on the other side. I’m on the other side now. And, it’s great. The time for planning is over, it’s time to execute.

For 35 years I sacrificed freedom for the security of my future, a future that was some vague thing down the road and around the corner. I knew only that it would be different than my working life. I see it now, my future. My future is a sequence of daily steps down the road I’m on right now! No more corners to turn. This is the road, right here. The future is today. Tomorrow is the same as next year. Next year is the same as tomorrow.

10 years from now – hmm. Health issues will insert themselves yes. But that’s financially planned for and I’m living a healthy life so I’ll just react to that when it happens. I’ll slow down when I need to, sure, and real estate will have to be sold, etc. Lots of etc’s. But, until it happens, that health transition does not require today the kind of anticipatory compromises I’ve been making these past 35 years.

So, the watch-words here are: Question, and replace, the compromise mentality of my past 35 years. The only money (and time and energy and personal capital) I waste today is the money I do not spend today! (Within budget, of course.) Saving extra money is now a completely immoral waste of resources. Ditto for preserving time, energy, etc. Spend it!

Spend money on what? On toys and tools (camera gear, car, real things that can be used.) On travel. Not mentioned: The house, the properties. Those are for folks with kids, who have the thought of building a legacy for passing down. I’m free of that.

Spend energy, time, personal capital – on what? On creating. On learning. On helping others.


I’ve begun doing just that.  And, beginning is good.  But full-bore execution is better.  Rats for the compromises still needed, but my job now is to eliminate as many of them as possible.

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