Andrew Wyeth as Teacher

Good days since my last post, even though no images taken nor processed.

Saw the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at Seattle Art Museum. Excellent. For me, there were two real take-aways, and they’re related to each other:

The painter constructs his subject content, perspective, object relationships, colors, timing, etc. on a clean sheet of paper. From his mind. But, the photographer must maneuver his camera to get his desired perspective, object relationships, timing, etc. From existing reality. (That said, of course painting skills are much harder to acquire than photography skills, no question.)

From this, a conclusion: Since the painter focuses on only one or two aspects in his image (theme, object, movement, relationship, person, feeling, etc) and relegates the rest to mere supportive background information, I see this is a necessary thing for a photographer to do, too. Whether in-camera or in post. To create a strong composition, I should strip away all extraneous junk and hone in only on what it is about an image that is good. De-focus, eliminate, crop out, de-emphasize everything else. Like a painter can.

I’m going to do this. I guess I already do, but now I see it needs to be applied vigorously, it should not be just an instinctive thing that happens sometimes.  Henri Cartier-Bresson was great at this, so it is possible.

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