For Christmas, from me it’s always with my custom-made cards, using my photographs. I’m starting again for this year.

But, this year I also took the plunge on a Blurb book of some shots from our Italy trip in September. I’ll give one to Michele and one to Jackie as Christmas presents. A little spendy for 84 photographs (84+ leaves, 160+ pages). But, I took delivery of them today. Very good, worth the expense.

I’m impressed: Layout, dimensions, look and feel are all just as I expected. The quality of the paper and image reproduction are better than I expected. A book like this gives cred and gravitas to my shots, almost enough to make even me believe maybe I’m sorta hot shit at photography.  (This is a plug for Blurb, not for me.)

Excellent! Creative! I’ll put more effort into my next book, and I’ll choose better, non-travelog photos. Yes.

Below:  Front cover is Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in the evening, Venice. Back cover is Boboli Gardens, Florence.


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