Clutter is Cleared

It’s been a while, blog-wise.

Since my last post or two, I created this year’s Christmas card and helped a friend with color management issues (printer vs computer vs camera vs printing service). Printed two cool close-up winter snow scenes. Bought an iPhone-X, a TV, and a winter jacket. Tuned the car and perked up the front and back yards at our home. Helped my sister from afar, looking for her next home to live in.  Spent one 2-night trip clearing snow at the yurt, and one excellent weekend with friends in Vancouver, B.C. And, just now, cleared the decks for December’s fresh projects, the ‘decks’ having become cluttered with loose ends.

Now I’m ready for more. The obligatory preparations for winter are behind me. Time to produce creative output, yes. A vast gallery of images taken this year await processing and printing. To say nothing of archives of film going back decades. And, there are images out there to grab with a camera: Winter atmospherics in the Pacific Northwest are sometimes the best of the year.

Two eyes and a brain.  And energy.  Get crackin’, Sood.



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