Winter Groove

Lots happening, and not much happening.

I seem to be living a life of decent balance among daily ‘stuff and chores’, relaxed enjoyment, truly creative effort (with progress!), and a bit of hard work. Forming a winter ‘groove’ for myself while avoiding any ‘ruts’. The only thing missing is actual excitement … hmm, I need to work on that.

A creative photo class I’m taking at PCNW seems good. For it, I’m now doing street photography and portrait photography, both of which I have always avoided and not liked. I still don’t like either, but I do think I’m doing well with both. So, it’s nothing but a good thing.

Also, my volunteering in PCNW’s Digital Lab on Tuesdays is fun. Being close to creativity is always a good thing.

Clearing the snow at the yurt this winter continues to be a 3 times-per-month very good thing. We’re a bit ahead of average snowfall for this time of the winter. My two night stays are much better than one night stays from the past, in every way. Internet connectivity inside the yurt from a slow and spotty cellular signal sure beats the ‘nothing’ I’ve had in the past.

And, my photography in general is going well. I’m getting better at printing from my home efforts, I’m getting better at composition from just putting more conscious effort into it, and I’m finding opportunities for camera-time, processing-time, and print-time here and there in good amounts.

So, since that’s all going well, I’m naturally turning to tactical and strategic planning for the future, for the seasons coming up. I’ll go to Michigan in a week and be there for just under two weeks. When back, there’ll still be a month of snow-clearing at the yurt. But, after that, springtime in the soggy Pacific Northwest beckons. My plans include a line-up of 2-3 night outings while Michele works. Washington, Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia – stay tuned!


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