I Crave Input

It’s been a great whirlwind of a few weeks. I’d love to be producing some output, but I’m too busy sucking in wonderful input.

Shi Shi Beach at Cape Flattery – still half a dozen images to print. No, eight, I just counted.

Then, Detroit for a week. Phew.

Through it all, I’m photographer for Town Hall’s lecture events. About once or twice per week. I’m really enjoying this. Last night was at the Triple Door in Seattle – cool venue, and the music and audience were great. Kiran Ahluwalia was the headliner, backed by a 5-piece band. Souad Massi opened, and had 2 other musicians behind her. Pakistani music. I got the feeling they’re rock stars of the feminine mid-eastern music scene. For both acts, the percussionists were the stars. Excellent. Some images are below. (Note: All rights to these images belong to Town Hall.)

Tomorrow morning I leave for the Palouse, just me and my camera. After that several days at the yurt, wonderful Methow Valley. Town Hall events in between trips.

Input, I crave input. Output can come later, right now input is everything.

Shi Shi Beach

I can say I still got it.  Hiked into Shi Shi Beach and Point-of-Arches, 8 miles round trip with a 25 pound camera bag + tripod on my back.  A lollipop walk by the standards of my youth.  But, at my advanced age, and since I don’t get out much like this anymore, it’s worthy.

Worthy, because in addition to out-and-back, I did 3 hours of photography once there.  That meant hopping around rocks, exploring tide pools, and walking on sand both wet and dry.

Yes, I still got it and it’s good to be using it.  Need to do more, more, more.  Seriously.

1st image processed, below.  Not to say it’s the best, because I’m glad to say I took so many excellent shots (my opinion) that I just chose this one at random from at least a dozen ‘keepers’ from the day.  Most of the good shots had 2-10 second exposures.