I Crave Input

It’s been a great whirlwind of a few weeks. I’d love to be producing some output, but I’m too busy sucking in wonderful input.

Shi Shi Beach at Cape Flattery – still half a dozen images to print. No, eight, I just counted.

Then, Detroit for a week. Phew.

Through it all, I’m photographer for Town Hall’s lecture events. About once or twice per week. I’m really enjoying this. Last night was at the Triple Door in Seattle – cool venue, and the music and audience were great. Kiran Ahluwalia was the headliner, backed by a 5-piece band. Souad Massi opened, and had 2 other musicians behind her. Pakistani music. I got the feeling they’re rock stars of the feminine mid-eastern music scene. For both acts, the percussionists were the stars. Excellent. Some images are below. (Note: All rights to these images belong to Town Hall.)

Tomorrow morning I leave for the Palouse, just me and my camera. After that several days at the yurt, wonderful Methow Valley. Town Hall events in between trips.

Input, I crave input. Output can come later, right now input is everything.

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