Good May, too

From connecting with an old friend, to bicycling up and down Yakima Canyon, May has been a full month. It’s winding down, though. Not much happening for the rest of it as I write this. No worry, lots to catch up on at home, certain tasks must be done and that’s just the way it is.

It’s hard to make old friends. An old friend of mine said that. It’s true. Re-connecting with “new” old friends is almost as good as not drifting apart to begin with. But, everyone drifts. So, re-connecting is good.  And it’s happening.

Good times too at the yurt, mending fence lines (the real, physical ones, not speaking figuratively here) and opening the place up for the summer. Lots to do, too much in fact. But, it’s all good because what needs to be done will certainly get done, and what merely ought to be done … will get the right priority in a good blend with all kinds of other things this summer and fall.

An excellent bike ride on the east side, Yakima Canyon. A shout-out to Crime Stoppers of Yakima for putting on the annual event, “Your Canyon for a Day”. The road through the canyon closed to car traffic, open only to bicyclists. It was an excellent ride and a fine long weekend for me.

And throughout the month, being a volunteer photographer for Town Hall has been fun. It’s possibly pushing me less now, because I see how I can be good at it.  And I think I am good at it. Does that mean I’ve conquered the existential challenge of it all? Leaving just the craft? No matter. Applying time and energy to the craft is fun. Some darned good lectures and musical events are also real benefits.

I totally re-vamped my website a month or two ago,, using Adobe Portfolio. It’ll serve until a replacement for their sunsetting product Muse comes out. Most of what I mention above is documented photographically on the website, so I’m not using this blog to get my images out anymore.

My thought from last month that I “figure out” social media came to this: I figured out that I just don’t want to right now. This is not avoidance, it’s an intentional decision to push my social media involvement out a bit.

Already wondering what June will bring. Lots of possibilities are in play. Most involve travel. Just the way I like it.

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