Nothing to say? Nope.

When all is going well, what is there to say about that?  Life – what a concept!

There’s survival, and there’s thriving.  Self-actualization is in there somewhere.

Basic needs for survival:

Some warmth.  A human will die within seconds at absolute zero.  Earth gives this, and we humans regulate it with our technologies.

Some pressure.  A human will die within seconds, eyeballs popped out, at zero atmospheres.  Earth gives this, too.

Protection from radiation.  Death can come within minutes from exposure to high concentration of certain types of radiation which exist throughout the universe.  Earth also gives this, as does distance to a lesser extent.

Water.  A human will die within days without it, in less than a day under duress.  It’s up to each person to secure and ingest his or her own water.

Food.  A human will die within weeks without it; fasting can prolong life without food, but not indefinitely.  It’s up to each person to secure and ingest his or her own food.

Absence of pain.  Extreme pain can incapacitate and then kill within hours, or make a life so miserable it doesn’t matter.  (Only those who’ve experienced extreme physical pain understand this.)  A normal, healthy situation provides this.

Survival is dependent on all of the above.  (There are other categoric factors, such as lack of parasitic or other type of disease, lack of forceful impact, other biological functions, etc.  But those above are the main ones without contriving dozens of others.)

All other needs (I think … I welcome input on this) blend quickly into the category of wants, and after that desires. To thrive, for a human, requires satisfaction, which comes from within when at least some wants are being fulfilled.  And, fulfillment of wants and desires is as dependent on what’s going on inside a person’s mind as it is to what’s coming to him or her from the world they live in.

Needs are objective.  Wants and desires, the fulfillment of them, are subjective.

Now back to me.

My needs continue to be met.  Obviously.

My wants, my desires, and the fulfillment of them – my ability to thrive – these fluctuate.  And, they are on the rise.

Right now, I’m at a high point in my fluctuating thrive-ness.  Thrivie-ness?  Thrive-ment?  Thriving?  … Satisfaction.

Retirement has been great these past 13 months.  Finally, I have money, time, and health altogether.  Not just two out of three, as has been the case all my life.  More money than ever before, enough for the rest of my life.  More time now, 24 hours per day mostly for me.  Health – not bad; excellent in most ways, although I seem to have misplaced a portion of certain abilities and strengths linked to youthfulness.

Shorter term – I enjoy a solitary life, and I’ve been leading it for most of this year.  Interactions with others are important, but they’re not ‘needs’.  So, they’re subjective wants, and desires.  My want and desire for interpersonal interaction is less than most people’s, I know that.  And, I’ve been satisfied.

I’m staying connected to friends, sort of.  Making a few new ones, sort of.  Back in contact with old ones, sort of.  Good for me.  And by that I mean:  This way, for me, is good.

The rest of this year will be less solitary.  Will that be bad?  I don’t know, it’s subjective.  I can affect whether it’s good or bad.  It’s something for me to meditate on.  We’ll see.

My photography is going very well.  I’m satisfied with the event photography assignments; love those Town Hall gigs.  And, I’m putting myself more often into other photographable situations; mini-vacations in the Pacific Northwest.  I continue to acquire more Photoshop skills, the more nuanced (valuable) techniques rather than just refining tried and true approaches.  From all this together, I’m getting better at “making photographs” in time and space, as opposed to just reacting to interesting scenes.  Does that mean I’m actually becoming more creative?  Hey, yes, I believe it does.  Ha!  Yes, I am.  I’m more creative now than when I started this blog.

Now, what’s to become of that?  Again, we’ll see.

And so, where are the prints?  They’ve always been my measure of creativity.  (Productive creativity is the only worthwhile kind of creativity.)  They’re coming.  Yes, they’ve really begun coming.  Better prints this year than the previous two years.  Quality of output:  Improving.  Enjoyment from it:  Quite high.

(Two eyes and a brain.  And energy.  From an earlier blog post, October 16, 2017, “Color Today”.  For me, this is where creativity comes from.  And, it’s happening.)

Back to the topic:

Needs – met.

Wants – mostly met, via my relatively solitary living.  All else is detail, and the details, when couched within my mostly solitary living, are good.

Desires – we’ll have to see about that.  Nothing worthy is easy.  Nothing is done yet.  Not really.  Hmm. … I … keep … saying … “we’ll see.”

I’m thinking of stopping this blog.  But then, the above.  So, I’ll keep it going for a bit longer.