Event Photography

I got hold of a cool thing – I’m a volunteer photographer for Town Hall Seattle. Event photographer. There are others. From the schedule of events (lectures, symposiums, recitals, performances) that Town Hall hosts, we each select those we want to cover. The images are owned by Town Hall, we merely get the pleasure of the experience and knowing we’re contributing something useful to a worthy community member. There are three or four events per week.

This year the Town Hall venue itself is undergoing major renovations. But, not to pause a good thing in the middle of a great ride, they’re still hosting events, in venues all around Seattle.

It’s neat to practice my photography skills, from capture to post-processing, and see the results as something useful.

I’ll see how this goes. In a few months I can call it quits or keep going. But, so far, so good.

Town Hall owns the images I take, and so I attribute this image, below, to them. Leonard Mlodinow lectured last night, on Flexible Thinking in a Time of Change.


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