Dreading it, because what if she hates it?
Then, after I leave, yes, she hates it.
Nice visiting beforehand, except for the dread. Losing independence happened a couple years ago, but now it’s time to stop pretending. Soon there will be no avoiding the pain and likely depression.
My own head cold right after the move kept me from finally getting my swims in.  Too busy for it before the move. Bad cough, pulled two muscles from it, one a hexenschuss in the lower back (German, look it up.)  Lousy.
Can’t even explain it to anyone. Dave knows most of it; as a dad, he probably knows more than I do.
Not giving up, though. She can’t go back, no other place is as good (is that really true?), and it’s for her health and safety. … The medicine that’s needed is bad and has a side effect. So, take the medicine and treat the side effect.
It’s not over yet. Dreading the conclusion; I don’t think it’ll be pretty.

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